Reading list

Fisherman's Workbook, compiled by J Prado (Fishing News Books)
Calculations for Fishing Gear Designs, A Fridman (Fishing News Books)
Fibre Ropes for Fishing Gear, G Klust - Fishing News Books
Fish Catching Methods of the World, 3rd edition, A von Brandt (Fishing News Books)
Fishermens' Knots and Nets, R Graumont and E Wenstrom
FAO Catalogue of Fishing Gear Designs, ed J Scharfe (Fishing News Books)
FAO Catalogue of Small Scale Fishing Gear, ed C Nedelec (Fishing News Books)
How To Make And Set Nets, 2nd edition, Maucorps and Innes (Fishing News Books)
Mending of Fishing Nets, 2nd edition, Maucorps & Innes - Fishing News Books
Modern Rope Seamanship, Colin Jarman & Bill Beavis
Modern Fishing Gear Technology, M Shahul Hameed & MR Boopendranath (Daya Publishing House, Delhi)
Netting Materials for Fishing Gear, 2nd edition, G Klust (Fishing News Books)
Piloting, Seamanship & Small Boat Handling , C Chapman
Splicing Wire & Fiber Rope, Raoul Graumont & John Hensel


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while many of these titles are also available new or second-hand via
You can also find books on fishing gear technology on Blackwell Publishing

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