The college also plans to hold model making courses, aimed at net loft staff who wish to prepare scaled fishing gear models for testing in flume tanks. This course makes full use of the college's own tank and each student has the opportunity to select, scale, make and test a model.


Stakeholders are key individuals, organisations and companies that are involved with fishing industry and fishing gear technology. Additional information on stakeholders will be added soon.


Thor Palmason

Fishing Gear Technician and Instructor. olijon has thirty years of experience in designing and rigging of fishing gear.

Olafur Jon Arnbjornsson

Management and Marketing

Other staff are professionals in fishing and fishing gear technology who work on freelance basis with ISCFT.


The International School of Fishing Gear Technology is located at the Sudurnes Comprehensive College in Reykjanesbær Iceland. The Fjölbrautaskóli Sudurnesja - Comprehensive College is located in the town of Keflavík, not far from Iceland’s Keflavík international airport.

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